NMW: A Perfect Circle, Old Crow Medicine Show, Stryper, and More!!!

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Time to mound up and ride the new music waves! I’ll tell ya what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s a waste of your time! Thanks for stopping by!

So, ya might have noticed, that I have been a bit incommunicado lately. Explanation: I’ve been a bit sick, like seriously, but not seriously. I was in Chicago for a few days with my kid and when I returned I started having heart problems that were a little frightening. Spent a few days resting and hooked up to a heart monitor and am now loaded up on medication that has kept me remorsefully sober, and I’m back to functioning power. Hopefully this won’t happen again and I’ll try to get ya all caught up.

The Big News

I get all excited about stuff like A Perfect Circle. When I was in college, well, out of college but still in Collegetown, my friends were really, really big Tool fans and when that first Perfect Circle record was released it was A BIG DEAL. They treated fucking Maynard like he was a goddamn shaman. I went along with it because Tool is okay, and the drummer is from Kansas and loves the Jayhawks like me so, you know, whatever. So I always get a nostalgic, warm fuzzy feeling in me cockles when APC stuff comes out. And, lo and behold, here’s the latest from ’em, Eat The Elephant. Loudwire says it’s only about half good, but I dig it. Like I said, the cockles and Maynard and stuff.

The Charts

The most surprisingly highly anticipated record this year is the new one from New Zealand sensation Kimbra. If you’ve followed her stuff for years like some of us, you’ve known this was coming. It’s called Primal Heart, has taken forever to be released, and could be the album of the year.

Hip hopper J Cole gives us KOD, his first release since 2016.

Hair Escape

Let’s revel in the fact that hair metal bands can still make a living these days. I, for instance, am overjoyed at the idea of Poison and such bands selling out large buildings. I’m also thrilled that bands like Stryper can offer up new music like God Damn Evil, which Walmart has hilariously (and seriously) pledged not to carry.

And Dokken, one of my hair metal faves, return with a live record.

Everything Else

It’s a new Melvins record. Called Pinkus Abortion Technician. Probably another goddamn masterpiece.

Dope dj’s Thievery Corporation are back with Treasures from the Temple.

Indie folkers Lord Huron offer up their junior effort, Vide Noir.

And here’s the new one from longtime punkers Pennywise, Never Gonna Die.

My Recommendation

New Lord Huron sounds really good, so does the new Kimbra, but I’m gonna throw down on the new Old Crow Medicine Show!!

Next Week

Tune in next week, same new music time, same new music channel, for new stuff from: Willie Nelson!!



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