NMW: Jack Johnson, The National, Tori Amos, and More!!!

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Time for your weekly new music thingies update. I’ll tell ya what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s simply a waste of your time. Strap on your headphones and let’s go for a ride!

The Big News

Big week, folks, lotsa good stuff ranging from Legendary Legends to rambunctious newcomers. Perhaps the most important is the sixth soft rock set from surfer-songwriter Jack Johnson, whom we haven’t heard from since 2013.

The Co-Big News

Indie kids are all giddy about the new one from The National, Sleep Well Beast. Serious album of the year contender, folks. It is the band’s first in four years, following the masterful Trouble Will Find Me.

Lightning Round!!

So much stuff to get through this week, just gonna do this ninja style. New stuff from:







Metal Mania


Death from Above!!!

Legendary Legends

The best band ever, Sparks, is back.

’90’s guitar gods Living Colour.

My Recommendation

You mean besides the new Living Colour, the new Sparks, and the new The National. I’ll choose the new one from The Dream Syndicate. In a year full of great reunions, this might be the most treasured.

Next Week

Tune in next week, same new music time, same new music channel, for new stuff from: Gucci Mane.



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