No One Told Me How Awesome the Adventure Time DVD Packagings Look…

I’m generally not much of a ‘physical copies’ kinda guy–call me a disembodied web-consciousness, but buying digital copies has always been enough for me. That is, until I saw these photos for the Adventure Time box set designs…


The Complete Season 4 DVD came out a week ago, which is news that I’d normally glaze over, until I saw a post from a kind, virtuous Tumblr user who’d uploaded photos of his Adventure Time DVD collection, and the inside packaging and disc art are simply mouth-watering; each DVD box is designed after a character’s head, and the box inserts and discs take the form of biology cross-sections–Finn for Season 1, Ice King for 2, BMO for 3, and Marceline for Season 4. What’s more, DVDs like the BMO Season 3 box come with attachable limbs and a slipcase to construct an extra-snazzy BMO-box to sit on your shelf. Let the fangasm commence…


atdvd3 atdvd4  atdvd6 atdvd7

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