PlayStation Plus Might Be Free to Try This Weekend

When the PlayStation 4 was unveiled, one of the most controversial changes was that PlayStation Plus, Sony’s “premium” subscription service, would now be required for multiplayer games. Then everyone remembered that Xbox users have been paying for Live for years, and most of us stopped complaining.

Well, if you have a PS4, but you still aren’t quite ready to bite the bullet and shell out $50 a year for Plus though, you’ll have a chance to sample the service for free this weekend.

Free you say?

At least according to a Reddit thread which leaked a purported promotional image. The image advertises a free multiplayer weekend on the PS4, beginning on January 16, and ending on January 18.


What will I get?

Presumably, free access to the multiplayer end of things for games like Destiny and Call of Duty. That is, if you already own those games.

We might also be getting access to the current PlayStation Plus free games (right now they’re The Swapper and inFamous: First Light), but that’s just speculation.

I already have a PlayStation Plus subscription, what do I get out of this?

Not a whole lot, aside from the joy of playing games with some new people.

What regions will this promo be available in?

We unfortunately don’t know yet.

Has Sony confirmed this yet?

Unfortunately no, so don’t get your hopes up too high (they haven’t denied it though, despite requests for a comment). With almost half of PS4 owners not on PlayStation Plus though (a reported 10.9 million out of the 18.5 million PS4 owners), it would make a lot of sense for Sony to run a few promotions to get people on board.

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