Play This: The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo is Equal Parts Nostalgia and Terror

We all knew that friend in elementary school whose uncle really, truly, definitely (totally not lying) worked for Nintendo. For most of us, this was before easy access to information on every little detail about every single game was freely available online, so when that friend made up stories about prototypes of new Game Boy’s and how to find Mew in Pokemon, you couldn’t really dispute that (without looking like a jerk at least).

But what if that friend wasn’t lying? What if he actually did have an uncle who worked for Nintendo? Or, what if the truth was actually something way more sinister?

These ideas form the basis of the uncle who works for nintendo, an experimental twine game by Michael Lutz and Kimberly Parker.

It’s a pretty fantastic interactive story with an amazing sense of atmosphere; one that really manages to channel the many insecurities of childhood, through the lens of a video game-themed horror story. And just like the games of that era, this one is meant to be played multiple times (there are five endings in all), with a final “secret” ending that does some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen in a text-based game.

It’ll take you about an hour, and is very much worth a play.

Check it out via your browser (Chrome worked best for me) here.

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