XCOM 2 Prequel Novel Announced, Set in between the Two Games

Insight Editions has revealed XCOM 2: Resurrection, an official prequel to the titular game.

How will it connect the games?

The 240 page novel written by Greg Keyes is set in the aftermath of the (now canonized) defeat of the XCOM organization by the invading aliens.

It will tell the story of Amar Tan, “a promising recruit in the barely-hanging-on guerrilla resistance network that still dares to combat ADVENT outside of Gulf City. Amar and his squad find their lives irrevocably changed one day when they stumble upon an SOS signal from an enigmatic man who claims to know a secret that could change everything.”

We assume that whatever they discover will be key to XCOM’s revitalized operations in the upcoming game. Here’s the full cover:


When is it out?

The novel is out on November 10. Pre-orders are available now.

XCOM 2 meanwhile is out on February 16, 2016.

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