Remember That Advent Future Teaser? It Was for X-COM 2

Remember the Advent Future teaser we talked about recently? Turns out it was for X-COM 2, a new PC-only title in the franchise.

I was hoping it might be for another Bioshock, but I was wrong (good call Brad D). X-COM is still a great game so this reveal isn’t a letdown at all.

What Is All This Advent Nonsense?

The new game takes place 20 years after Enemy Within — the previous X-COM’s expansion. Turns out, the aliens invaded our planet and won the war.

Shortly after taking over the planet — dubbed the “unification” — the aliens created an oppressive society which claims to offer a better life for us (humans). Hence, the Advent Future website. All that hacking nonsense is from an underground society trying to fight back, likely the X-COM initiative who have been operating from the shadows.

So far, we have a trailer for the game with a promise of more details coming soon.

If you couldn’t tell from the trailer, there will be new units to command and new enemies to fight — like the Cobra type alien we see in the trailer.

The game will be available November, 2015 for PC only. No word yet on a console release, or if there will ever be one.

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