Reminder: Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Debuts Tonight!

Agents of SHIELD returns tonight, and it’s our first look at Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Here’s what to expect.

When is it on, and on what channel?

AoS will be on tonight (Tuesday, September 29) at 9:00 PM on ABC.

How many episodes will this season be?

Season 3 will consist of 22 episodes.

What’s the premise of Season 3?

The end of Season 2 teased Coulson’s new initiative, and that’s exactly where we’ll pick up tonight. In the months since that finale, Coulson has been pulling together resources for the MCU’s take on Secret Warriors, a comic book SHIELD team made up of superpowered individuals.

Led by Daisy (still Skye to me), who’s sporting a badass new super-suit, the team will set off to recruit a team of Inhumans to help them battle new threats, including a mysterious blacks ops organization, and a revitalized HYDRA with Grant Ward as its new head.

Who’s coming back? And who’s new?

Basically everyone who survived Season 2 will be back, including all of the remaining SHIELD team members (Elizabeth Henstridge is credited… so… spoiler alert?), as well as the Inhuman Luke Mitchell.

Additionally, Dr. Andrew Garner, the HYDRA agent Kebo from the Season 2 finale, and the secret Asgardian Elliot Randolph will return as well.

As far as new characters go, we’ll be seeing an MCU version of the villain Lash, an Inhuman named Joey Gutierrez (who we saw in that clip last week), Rosalind Price (the head of a military unit hunting Inhumans), and an agent working for Price named Banks.

And what about MCU links? Any movie tie-ins planned?

Nothing’s been announced yet, but as Aaron pointed out earlier this week, the only movie that it may coincide with is Captain America: Civil War next year. If a crossover/tie-in does happen, it will likely be during AoS Season 3’s finale few episodes, which seems like a fitting way to end the season.

Aside from the movies though, Marvel TV’s Jeffrey Bell teased that they were interested in potentially bringing Peggy Carter back for another flashback sequence.

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