Here’s Skye’s Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Uniform

The LA Times has provided this early look at Skye’s (Daisy’s?) new Secret Warriors uniform, and it is pretty slick.

How does the new gear fit into Season 3?

The next season of Agents of SHIELD will have Skye recruiting a team of superpowered SHIELD agents, probably to punch HYDRA some more. Either way, the cool new duds are very fitting given her new role as a team leader (and maybe de facto second-in-command of SHIELD with Agent May temporarily gone).

The uniform definitely seems to be inspired by Black Widow’s own SHIELD gear, with the big difference of course being those badass gauntlets Skye is wearing.

What’s up with those gauntlets?

Last season, we saw Skye’s Inhuman power manifest: the ability to generate earthquake-level shockwaves. Simmons created a pair of bracers which dampened her powers. Skye eventually ditched those, but my guess is that her gauntlets are an upgraded version of them, probably designed to help her control her powers rather than to weaken them.

They’re also pretty similar looking (along with the uniform in general) to Skye’s comic book counterpart, Quake:

quake marvel comics

When does AoS return?

Season 3 will premiere on September 29.

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