Rumor: Marvel Wants Matthew McConaughey to Play Norman Osborn in Spider-Man

Earlier this week we got word that Matthew McConaughey was being courted by both Marvel and WB/DC for potential roles. According to a big new rumor, the Marvel script he was shown may have been for an extremely important character.

Before we go any further, one, potential spoilers for course, and two, this rumor comes from a fairly small publication with no real track record of insider knowledge. With that in mind, take this information with a huge grain of salt. I’m really only reporting on it because I think that even if it’s not real, it’s still an amazing casting idea that Marvel should consider.

What character has Matthew McConaughey been approached to play?

According to Points of Geeks, Marvel is eyeing McConaughey to play Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

norman osborn

If true, McConaughey would be an extremely intriguing choice to portray the character. Osborn has been an instrumental character in the two Spider-Man film series, and both times he was played by Academy Award nominated actors (Willem Dafoe and Chris Cooper). McConaughey’s star is on the rise lately, winning an Oscar in 2013 for Dallas Buyers Club, an Emmy nomination in 2014 for True Detective, and most recently, starring in Christopher Nolan’s Insterstellar.

He’s definitely got the acting chops to put a unique spin on the character that we haven’t seen yet; and casting him would create a lot of buzz for the movie that may help drown out the franchise fatigue after rebooting for a second time.

How likely is this?

Honestly? Not very likely. Again, Points of Geeks is a very unfamiliar source of information for us, and McConaughey himself has stated that he’s only looked at a few scripts, and isn’t anywhere close to signing on to a big franchise project yet.

That being said, it’s still a very intriguing possibility. Marvel typically doesn’t cast big name actors who might have difficult time managing their fifty billion contractual appearances. However, they have made exceptions before, especially when it comes to villains (Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, and Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin for example).

If McConaughey is circling a potential Marvel role, playing an important character, but one who doesn’t necessarily need to appear in films outside of his core series, makes a lot sense. Plus, I think McConaughey would just make an awesome Norman Osborn regardless.

Just look at these two side-by-side.


Who is Norman Osborn?

In the comics, Osborn is the owner of Oscorp Industries, one of the leading tech companies in the Marvel universe. He botches an attempt to create a Super Soldier-esque serum, and although it enhances his physical and mental abilities, it turns him insane in the process.

He dons a garish costume, and using an arsenal of technologically advanced weapons, becomes a supervillain known as the Green Goblin. Although originally a Spider-Man villain (and a major one at that), Osborn has since become a pretty huge figure in the overall Marvel Comics universe; even becoming the director of SHIELD at one point, and leading his own version of the Avengers.

He’s also the father of Harry Osborn, who became a big Spider-Man villain in his own right, and was featured prominently in both movie series.

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  1. I think in either guradians of the galaxy or in the avenger’s you could possibly introduce Eros, Thanos’ brother. I could maybe see Matthew McConaughey playing Eros depending on what type of character it is.

    Thank you

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