Rumor: Wachowskis Penning a New Matrix Trilogy

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Grab your rumor hats and get ready for your daily dose of crazy movie news. According to a new report on Latino-Review, Warner Bros. and the Wachowski’s may be working on a new trilogy of Matrix films. Andy and Lana have reportedly “already have started the writing process,” although they haven’t decided whether they will direct.

Latino-Review story states that this decision may have been influenced by Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas‘s poor performance at the box office. Unless Jupiter Ascending really turns some heads, it’s likely that the Wachowski siblings may have trouble securing funding for more big, ambitious projects. That is, unless they go back to their extremely lucrative Matrix series for the studio.

This should all be treated as speculation though, as LR does not name their source and obviously none of the official parties have confirmed the report. However, it is interesting to note that Laurence Fishburne recently reprised his role as Morpheus for a Super Bowl commercial. Perhaps he was seeing if the old costume still fit?

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