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It’s that time of year music lovers, time for the end of the year lists! First up, my top 10 or so songs of the year. Not strictly singles, mind you. Any song released on an album this year (yes, that’s the one rule, it has to be on an album that has been released in 2017) is eligible for a spot on this list. This is the fifth year of this list. The first two editions (2013-14) were published when this site was called 8th Circuit (8CN) and have since dissolved into internet ether during the change over from 8CN to Overmental… so I can’t link to them. So, How ‘bout we start by reviewing the last four winners of song of the year.


Moby, “The Perfect Life”, Innocents, Mute


The Hold Steady, “Oaks”, Teeth Dreams, Razor & Tie


Glenn Hansard, “Her Mercy”, Anti-


Maxwell, “blackSUMMERSnight”, Columbia

Supplemental Rules

2014: The Neil Young rule: Cover songs and records cannot make the list. Instead, great cover songs are listed in the Special Consideration section.

2016: The Blackstar rule: If you die you cannot make the list unless you are named overall album of the year.

Special Consideration
Alt J, “House of the Rising Sun”, Relaxer

In all honesty, this might actually be the song of the year. But rules are rules, man, and even slackers like us have to follow ’em.

Honorable Mention
Alestorm, “Fucked WIth an Anchor”, No Grave But the Sea

Saw ’em at Ye Olde Warped Tour this year and laughed my ass off when they closed with this one.

Sleaford Mods, “Mop Top”, English Tapas

Sum bri’ish banging from the boys.

Spoon, “Hot Thoughts”, Hot Thoughts

This Spoon record sort of flew off of my radar, but I didn’t miss it entirely.

10. Crystal Fairy, “Posesion”, S/t
Super twisted fuzzy mushroom mania from a Melvins, At the Drive In, and Les Butcherettes mashup.

9. Tyler, the Creator, “Boredom”, Flower Boy
More mindbending mush mouth from the beginning of it all.

8.LCD Soundsystem, “Black Screen”, American Dream
Bleak Bowie worship was a welcome addition to this “comeback” scam.

7.Ryan Adams, “Do You Still Love Me?”, Prisoner
A nice Tom Petty tribute from one of the masters of today.

6.Japandroids, “True Love and a Life Free of Will”, Near to the Wild Heart of LIfe

5.Morrissey, “Spent the Day in Bed”, Low in High School
Mozz returns with a late entry and tells you the real reason you shouldn’t watch the news.

4. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, “Over Everything”, Lotta Sea Lice

Man, did we ever need this record this year.

3. Alt–J, “Last Year”, Relaxer

Emerging from an album full of surprises, this is the saddeset song of the year/

2. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, “If We Were Vampires”, The Nashville Sound

This Isbell record my be the most important record of the year. This is the best song from it, maybe the best he’s ever written.

1. Beth Ditto, “We Could Run”, Fake Sugar

LIke I’ve always said, it always ends in a love song with me.

Next Week

Tune in next week, same new music time, same new music channel, for new stuff from: MY TOP TWENTY ALBUMS OF THE YEAR PART ONE.

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