Songs They Send Us: Filter Distortion Undergoes Transition

People send us songs. We pass them on to you. Because we love you.

Synthpopping straight outta Liverpool, Filter Distortion unleashes their debut album, Transition, next month and the UK is all abuzz. Referencing bands like Depeche Mode and other huge 80’s heroes, Transition has attracted the attention of those in the know from the underground press to the BBC and their music has been featured all over the place. “The album does not contain any fillers. Every song could be a single!” raves one radio DJ. It’s a slender piece of poppy fun and dancetastic electro-gasm that’s irresistable.

Here’s some more praise: “If you think you need to go to 80’s bands milking their reunions for all they are worth to hear quality electronic sound, I have news for you. Filter Distortion would blow half of them off the stage.” – Liverpool Noise

From the press release: “Filter Distortion, a four piece electro band from Liverpool, have finally emerged from a self-imposed year of confinement in a windowless room. The band set about producing their finest work yet, and have certainly achieved their aim with debut album Transition. Recorded using just 3 microphones, the band wrote and produced all the album’s tracks before mastering with engineer and producer Daniel Woodward at Liverpool’s Whitewood Recording Studio.”

Transition will be released January, 2015. Check out Filter Distortion at their Soundcloud.

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