Much Ado About Album Art [Funk Radio E107]

Today we focus on album artwork, an essential piece of music distribution that we tend to take for granted. Has the role of album art changed over time? What are some of our favorite examples?


Album artwork is one of those things that is always present with the music that we listen to and buy, and it often helps give us a visual association with the albums or sometimes the artists themselves. The days of 12″x12″ vinyl sleeves are behind us, generally speaking, and nowadays we’re more often left with a small thumbnail size image on our devices. In this episode we get into how this has possibly changed the style of art that is used in more modern music, which in some cases has shifted from very intricate illustrations to minimalist imagery. In addition we discuss a fair number of album covers we personally enojy for a variety of reasons, and those occasional clever novelties that can only be found if you look hard enough. What is some of YOUR favorite album artwork?

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