Songs They Send Us: Milton Star Seeks “Salvation”

People send us songs. We pass them on to you. Because we love you.

Name dropping the legendary Mark Lanegan gets you far in my book. So when this little gem from Milton Star popped up in my inbox referencing the man himself my interest was immediately piqued, then immediately pleased.

Comprised of the grisled veteran duo of Alan Wylie and Graeme Currie, who’ve been active since post-punk dropped the bomb on everyone, the UK duo offers up dark and trembling meditations smeared with the meloncholic malaise of¬†experience. Lovelorn, lost, a little broken and filthy, their stuff cuts the Lanegan chops they drop and let Nick Cave saunter in with sleazy ease.

From the press release: “Milton Star write and record their unique blend of indie rock and dark country in a converted church in darkest Fife. Each of their tracks is drenched in atmosphere – think Velvet Underground meets vintage Glen Campbell via Rick Rubin collaborating on the next David Lynch movie or soundtracking the latest HBO crime drama.”

Bonus! That’s so good, let’s hear another!

Find Milton Star on Soundcloud.

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