New Music W’s Creepy Songs for Halloween: Ozzy Osbourne Edition!!!!

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Earlier I posted a whole creepy slew of weirdo songs about murder, murder, and, well, more murder for the upcoming Halloween holiday. It was made up of a variety of artists, from fiddle pickin’ country legends to avant metal maniacs, but, honestly, if you want creepy Halloween themed music there are certain artists that always deliver. Last year we highlighted Austin, TX psychedelic horror rocker Rocky Erickson. This year we turn to another master: Ozzy Osbourne! This is the dude that pissed on the Alamo and orally decapitated both a bat and a dove.Here’s a lucky seven from the Prince of Darkness himself!!

“Bloodbath in Paradise”, No Rest for the Wicked” 1988

A tale of Charles Manson glee!!!

“Diary of a Madman”, Diary of a Madman, 1981

The next two videos should need no introduction since they are from two essential records.

“Bark at the Moon”, Bark at the Moon, 1983

“Black Sabbath”, Black Sabbath, 1970

Ozzy himself recently told NME that he believes this to be the scariest song ever written.

“Mr Crowley”, Blizzard of Ozz, 1980

A little Charlie Manson earlier, now a little Aliester Crowley.

“Hand of Doom”, Paranoid, 1970

So bleak. So bleak…

“Waiting for Darkness”, Bark at the Moon, 1983

“Promise me rebirth / And then you tear me from the womb Give me my freedom / And then you lock me in a tomb” – scary shit!

Check out this live show from 1970 for more spooky evidence!!!

Happy Halloween, ya filthy animals.

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