Songs They Send Us: Postcards From Jeff Do Not Mail It In on New Single “Suburban Girl”

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People send us songs. We pass them on to you, because we love you. Enjoy!

A catchy, jangly tune with a dark side, “Suburban Girl”, the lead single from the upcoming debut album from the UK’s Postcards From Jeff, is easy to listen to but hard to hear. Singing of suicides in the park and culminating in the phrase “The only good thing that you ever wanted / Is never coming back so you gotta let it go”, the song burns and shimmers like the best of The Charlatans ,with a neo-shoegaze temperament and a sheer pop sensibility. Postcards From Jeff is the pseudonym of Yorkshire, England based music maker Joss Worthington, and his work has been garnering a lot of attention lately.

From the press release:

 Equally reflecting a penchant for the skilled soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti, David Torn, and Alexandre Desplat, and the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren whilst filming The Birds, Suburban Girl’s influences are as broad as they are wide. With a sparkling melody that paves the way for Worthington’s deadpan baritone, each melodic twist and turn is like a one-way window onto someone’s multifaceted life. “I always like to invent a world for the songs to live in so I’m often creating visual images in my mind to accompany the lyrics,” Worthington explains. “I like to see the lyrics as little movies although they are always more abstract than that.”

Postcards From Jeff




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