Sounds Great: Andy Frasco and the UN

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Hey music maniacs! I’m taking a week off from New Music Monday to recover from a good old fashioned festival hangover. Last month everyone in the music lovin’ world converged on Austin, TX to pretend they were having fun at SXSW. Me? Not so much. I delved deep and trudged my ass to Keetonville, OK to uncover the best that the rich Tulsa, OK scene has to offer at the Easter Island Festival, and this week I’m gonna post about the bands that stood out the most. Andy Frasco, the leader of Andy Frasco and the UN, is not a Tulsa boy but he was the overall headliner of the festival, and I’ll tell ya right now, he’s a real life, genuine rock star waiting to happen. Seriously, this motherfucker has been blowing up festivals and venues for a few years now and, if there’s any justice, will be annihilating massive audiences soon. His show is a blissfully scatterbrained exaltation of funky time, get down, party like there’s nothing left masterpiece.

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