Sounds Great: Two Awesome Covers from Lydia Loveless and EMA

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Last year Bloodshot Records pulled a fast one on everyone, announcing on April Fools Day an album of Prince covers by Bloodshot artists, which sounded like a great idea. Well, when it turned out to be a hoax, people were pissed. To make up for their boo-boo, Bloodshot is releasing a split single featuring the incomparable Lydia Loveless interpreting “I Would Die 4 You” and Cory Branan playing “Under the Cherry Moon”. The Loveless version is a rousing, desperate heart-wrencher and the record will be out on Record Store Day (April 18) and is on purple vinyl.

Also this week, EMA released her version of Sinead O’Conner’s “Black Boys on Mopeds”, in response to the riots in Ferguson, MO last summer, and the continued violence of the last week. It’s incredibly poignant, like everything EMA does. “Remember what I told you, If they hated me they will hate you.”

Find it here @ New Hive.

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