SpaceX’s New Hanger Is Both Nostalgic and Futuristic

In age that has had great scientific advancements but painfully little manned space exploration, many are hoping that Space X’s endeavors will issue in a new age of space exploration. Today, SpaceX tweeted a picture of their newest hanger, and it’s pretty epic.

What’s it look like?

Here you go:

Space X

Cool. What is it being used for?

This bad boy can hold up to five Falcon 9 rockets, which SpaceX has been using to in all its test launches. It can also hold the upcoming Falcon Heavy Rocket, which is the most powerful space rocket since the Saturn V. So, hopefully in the future we’ll be able to use it to travel to a number of locations, including the moon. We really need to get back to the moon.

Anything else we should know?

That hanger is next to launch pad 39A in the Kennedy Space Center, which is was the launch pad for all the Apollo missions… which is pretty darn awesome.

Will SpaceX be doing anything soon?

Well, they only began construction of the hanger in February, so completing it so quickly is a good sign. The first scheduled launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket is later this year, so let’s hope everything goes smoothly.

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