Squatch It up with Some Yeti in the Next Far Cry 4 DLC

The next batch of Far Cry 4 DLC sounds deliciously insane. How insane? In a word: HOLYCRAPITSAYETI.

… Yetis, seriously?

From the sound of it, this DLC installment will present something of a standalone scenario, separate from the Far Cry 4 main game. You’ll basically be crash landing in the a new location in the Himalayas, and will need to establish a base camp. Once you do, you’ll be able to upgrade it by completing side quests during the day, and defending it from enemies at night.

Okay, that actually sounds pretty awesome.

It’s definitely creative, so props to Ubisoft there. And let’s be real, shooting Yetis sounds way more interesting than more bad guys with guns.

That’s fair. When can I play it?

Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis will arrive on March 10. Yada yada season pass, something something get 20% off.

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