Star Wars Celebration: Force Awakens Panel Liveblog

Can’t make it down to Star Wars Celebration, or even watch the live stream? We have you covered.

Refresh for regular updates on what’s going on today at the Force Awakens panel!


Final Update: Watch the new teaser here!

11:05 – So it looks like the teaser is not a part of the live stream, but it is being uploaded right now to YouTube. We’ll post it as soon as it’s live.

11:04 – One more surprise! It’s a new teaser!!! Which is not a part of the live stream… $#%^^@*

11:02 – Group photo!

sw group photo

11:00 – Mark Hamill: “You’re more than just fans, you’re family.” D’aww.

10:59 – Carrie Fisher: No hairbuns or metal bikini, but Leia will be getting a cool new outfit.

10:58 – Carrie Fisher is shorter standing up than Peter Mayhew is sitting down.

10:54 – And Anthony Daniels! And Carie Fisher! And Peter Mayhew! And Mark Hamill!

sw 7 old cast

10:53 – Surprise guests! It’s the new Stormtroopers!

new stormtroopers

10:50 – Abrams: If you want to be a filmmaker, just start making films. Says the technology is there for anyone to make movies and share them online.

10:47 – Kennedy: Nothing more important than the fans.

10:46 – Abrams: We’re trying hard to please every Star Wars fan. The pressure (“sheer horror”) is very real to live up to expectations. Says this film is the most fun thing he’s ever worked on.

10:45 – Abrams says he’ll maintain the original trilogy’s feel of a “real, weathered, lived-in, used” world.

10:44 – Kathleen Kennedy implies that we’ll be getting many more female characters.

10:42 – John Boyega is a huge fan of the Force Unleashed video games. He got his Han Solo figure signed by Harrison Ford on set, who said that was “weird” (but he signed it anyways).

10:41 – Poe Dameron was sent on a mission by Princess Leia. “He’s the best damn pilot in the galaxy.”

Poe Dameron

10:40 – Finn is in danger, and how he reacts to this danger brings him into the Star Wars story. Confirmed that he is an actual Stormtrooper.

boyega fynn

10:38 – We discover Rey on that new planet. She is a scavenger living in a ship scrapyard. “Self-sufficient character.”

rey 1

10:37 – They’re here in person!

sw7 leads

10:36 – The leads!

force awakens leads

10:35 – Abrams and Kennedy talk Harrison Ford. He can’t make it down due to his injuries from the recent plane crash, but he’s doing well.

10:33 – Photo of it on set.

bb8 set

10:32 – Holy crap, BB-8 actually rolls!

bb8bb8 2

10:31 – R2D2 on set.

r2d2 on set

10:30 – New R2 domes!

new r2s

10:29 – Kathleen Kennedy hired two fans, Oliver and Liam, who were building custom R2-D2’s at the time. They actually worked on the set of The Force Awakens, creating and maintaining the droids.

star wars celebration r2d2 hire

10:25 – $6 million raised so far through the Force for Change charity project. Partnering with an organization named Kid Power next, will use pedometers to raise money for charity.

10:24 – JJ Abrams calls Star Wars a “western.” Abu Dhabi set is not Tattooine! It’s a planet called “Ja Koo” (spelling?):

abu dahbi star wars 2 abu dahbi star wars

10:23 – The crew in London watching live.

star wars london crew

10:22 – Abrams with Chewie! The crowd makes a synchronized Wookie roar.

abrams chewie

10:21 – The crowd goes nuts at the mention of “practical sets.” Abrams stressed that it needed to feel “real” and “authentic.”

abrams kennedy falcon

10:20 – Abrams explains that Kennedy convinced him to do the film after he initially turned down her offer.

10:15 – Abrams explains that Star Wars inspired him so much as a kid because it had such “heart” and such “hope.” Also, he once dressed up as a Jawa for Halloween (I hope a photo survived).

10:13 – JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy take the stage! And they’re tweeting.

jj abrams kathleen kennedy celebration

10:10 – Twitter has some new hastags related to The Force Awakens. Try tweeting with, #Stormtrooper, #C3PO, or #BB8.

10:08 – Our host, EW’s Anthony Breznican, is on the stage.

10:07 – We’ve got a Verizon logo going. That means the actual panel must be about to start.

10:01 – And we’re live! Music and hosts are trying to get the crowd excited, as if that was even necessary.

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