Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Here’s The Name Of That First Order Star Destroyer

No, it’s not “Eclipse.”

A New Hope may have had the Death Star, but the first image we ever saw of the Galactic Empire was a massive Star Destroyer chasing down an itty bitty blockade runner… which pretty much told you everything you needed to know about the Galactic Civil War in one image. Since then, the Star Destroyer (along with the TIE Fighter) has become the iconic image of the Imperial Navy.

That only intensified when The Empire Strikes Back gave us Darth Vader’s flagship, the Executor, a Super Star Destroyer that dwarfed its more common cousins. This gave us kind of a hero ship on the side of the Empire to root against that displayed their overwhelming power. Alas, it may have been destroyed in Return of the Jedi, but its memory lives on. In fact, several other Super Star Destroyers appeared in the Expanded Universe such as the Razor’s Kiss, the Lusankya, and the Knight Hammer.

So, when The Force Awakens showed us a Star Destroyer in the trailer we were all thrilled to see a new generation of ships that could terrorize our heroes. However, we didn’t really know much about these new Star Destroyers. Sure we’ve seen models, but that only told us what it looked like. Well, now we know more.

What do we know?

Thanks to a leak on starwars7news, someone scored a quick look at the upcoming book “Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy.” and caught a look at the First Order’s new Star Destroyer: Finalizer. Here’s the screencap:


The Finalizer, huh?

Indeed. It’s a bit more aggressive sounding than Executor to be sure, but if you don’t like it we’re sure the exact same thing will happen to you that happened to us with the title “Attack of the Clones”: it’ll be said enough times over the coming months and years that your brain will just come to accept it as a thing and move on.

Do we know anything else about The Finalizer?

Indeed we do! The leaked photo shows off some of the ship’s system, though none of them are terribly surprising if you know about the capabilities of the ship’s predecessors. It seems the Finalizer is equipped with turbolasers, powerful ion engines, a docking bay, and a communication tower near the bridge. It also has ion canons… which isn’t a surprise but it’s nice to see that attention to detail that you’d often see in the expanded universe.

What about the shield generators?

Alas, they definitely exist near the bridge if you look at our featured image at the top of the page… but they’re not pointed out in the article. You’d think in the thirty years since the Battle of Endor the Empire would have fixed that glaring design flaw.

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