Star Wars: The Force Awakens Promo Art Reveals All Of Han Solo’s New Look

We’ve seen bits and pieces of Han Solo’s new look scattered across leaked photos and Vanity Fair shoots, but thanks to the French edition of Vanity Fair, we have a complete look at the new Han Solo.

So, what’s the new look?

Check it out:



Yeah, It’s a pretty good mix of old and new. It certainly keeps the look of Han Solo while making him feel more seasoned and tempered.

Well, wait, this doesn’t look like it exactly matches the shots we’ve seen of Ford on set…

Right you are. If you look at the shot from the Vanity Fair shoot:

Vanity Fair

… this leaked photo from Making Star Wars…


… and the shot from the trailer…

Trailer shot

… you’ll notice some differences. For example, the material of the jacket seems to be black leather rather than brown leather or suede in some shots. However, in the trailer the jacket seems to have a dark brown tint to it. Our perception of the jacket’s color will most likely depend on ambient lighting.

You’ll also notice the shirt seems to be different , with the final variation opting for a popped collar over a do-rag tied around his neck.

Anything else worth noting?

You’ve probably noticed the return of Han’s signature blaster holster and belt. Also, on the upper left part of Han’s jacket has pockets that hold certain cylinders, which seem to be reminiscing of the code cylinders held by Imperial officers in the original trilogy:


Do the cylinders mean anything?

In all honesty, it’s probably an aesthetic choice from the art department and they won’t be mentioned at all in the film. They certainly had no impact on the movies thus far.

Could they be something other than code cylinders?

The only two other options that come to mind are blaster clips and repair tools. The former is more likely, as we’ve never seen anyone reload a weapon in a Star Wars film and it seems extremely unlikely to start now.

Will Han Solo have any other looks in the film?

Possibly. So far, two other pieces of concept art have leaked on the internet:



Notice the one with the trench coat is more akin to Malcolm Reynolds while the other recalls Han’s look on Hoth. We know there is a snow planet in the film, so it makes perfect sense that at some point Han’s cold weather gear will show up at some point. As for the trench coat, it may be in the film but it’s more likely a discarded character concept. Dozens or possibly even hundreds are drawn up and shown to the director for approval, so this was probably one of many. It’s still rather nice, however, to think Han Solo’s many wardrobe choices over the years. Clearly there needs to be a fashion line as soon as possible. Maybe we can call it “Going Solo.”

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