Steam Greenlight’s Towns Is Officially Abandoned

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Citing a lack of sales and financial difficulties, Towns developer Moebius made an announcement on the game’s official forums that development is permanently halted. “I hope you are not too disappointed,” Moebius wrote, mentioning his inability to live on the meager profit that Towns was bringing in. 

In the same post, Moebius discussed talks between him and fellow Towns developer Xavi about the possibility of a Towns 2, claiming that a sequel would allow fixes for many of the bugs and broken mechanics that plagued the original game. Reactions to Moebius’ post were mixed, with many fans upset about the news, and doubtful on the development team’s talks of a sequel so soon after cancelling the unfinished original.

Towns is notable for being one of the first games to be posted on Steam Greenlight, a service that allows developers to make official, public petitions to have their games added to Steam. Towns was controversial for its unfinished state, with many early adopters believing they were misled about the completeness of the game.

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