Suicide Squad Has Its Killer Croc, What Will He Bring To The Film?

While all eyes in the DC Cinematic Universe may be on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, there is another film in the works that is shaping up to be potentially just as big. 

Batman’s Rogues Gallery is getting a feature film you may have heard about called Suicide Squad. The movie is already shaping up to feature a huge ensemble of iconic Batman villains, such as The Joker, Harley-Quinn, Deadshot, Enchantress, Captain Boomerang and Rick Flagg.

Now we know that Killer Croc is joining the fracas. So, what does that mean for Suicide Squad? Let’s break it down.

Who was cast to play Killer Croc?

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has been cast as Killer Croc. While he’s known for Lost, he most recently appeared in Thor: The Dark World, which should cause a significant amount of noise on both sides of the whole Marvel vs DC rivalry.

What’s the Killer Croc character like?


For folks who may not be aware, Killer Croc is a gargantuan, animalistic man named Waylon Jones. Jones was born with an extreme case of Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, which caused his appearance to develop progressively into that of a crocodile. This condition was augmented via a metagene. 

He has incredible endurance, speed, the ability to regenerate lost limbs and teeth and enough strength to lift up to 20 tons.

What will Killer Croc bring to Suicide Squad?


His role in the movie is going to be very interesting. One of Killer Croc’s universal traits among almost all of his various incarnations is his general lack of intelligence. He fights instinctively, like an animal, and relies on brute strength to get what he wants. He generally never uses strategy or plans out his moves, so it’s hard to imagine him “teaming up” with the Suicide Squad.

In fact, because of Croc’s unpredictable nature, he may pose as much of a threat to the team as he does to their foes.

Can Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje pull this off?


Sure. It helps, significantly, that there isn’t a precedent for him to have to follow. While Jared Leto, for example, has big shoes to fill taking over the character from the likes of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, the Killer Croc character is pretty much open season.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is a good actor and has the killer (no pun intended) physique and mean streak to play Killer Croc the way he is supposed to be played.

More interesting is the fact that Suicide Squad is coming out before Batman v. Superman. I think it’s a smart move, as it helps further establish Batman’s mystique heading into Dawn of Justice, and it also helps explain how Lex Luthor will have such an immense knowledge of the world’s metahumans when Dawn of Justice comes out.

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  1. “More interesting is the fact that Suicide Squad is coming out before Batman v. Superman. I think it’s a smart move, as it helps further establish Batman’s mystique heading into Dawn of Justice, and it also helps explain how Lex Luthor will have such an immense knowledge of the world’s metahumans when Dawn of Justice comes out.”

    How is August 2016 before March 2016? Because that is Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice’s release dates. Suicide Squad comes out after Dawn of Justice.

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