Star Wars: The Force Awakens – These New Figures Reveal Some Secrets About The Film’s Characters

BB-8 has got some hidden tools that could come in handy.

With Force Friday behind us and Star Wars: The Force Awakens only a few short months away, Lucasfilm is breaking out even more fantastic looking figures of characters that were missing from the first pass. Not only do these figures give us a closer look at the many character designs from the film… but they also allow us to see a few surprises some of them might have up their sleeves… or chassis as the case may be.

What do the figures look like?

Here they are:


BB-8, who seems to have a lot of gadgets at his disposal the same way R2-D2 did in the original films. The ones we can see here are a buzz saw and a taser.


General Hux, who has a hat reminiscent of the Imperial officers as well as his own blaster.

TIE Pilot

The First Order TIE Pilot, supporting the same blaster as Hux. It seems to be standard First Order issue. Also notice the First Order insignia on the shoulder.


A First Order snowtrooper, who seems to have very heavy leg wear to combat the cold.

Resistance Trooper

A Resistance trooper. The jacket seems very similar to the one Poe Dameron and Finn wear.

Han Solo

And the man himself, Han Solo. The Leather jacket is definitely confirmed to be brown now, as are his hands and boots. The shirt is reminiscent of his A New Hope design as well. Overall, it’s a great mix between his A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back designs while adding a new dimension. Still… they took some of the silver out of his hair didn’t they? It’s a little awkward.


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