Tachyon’s “Teleportation” [Album Review]

In a world where anyone can use auto-tune and GarageBand to crank out the next pop hit, when you find truly talented artists, it speaks volumes. Not all pop is poorly made, and Tachyon is a testament to that!  The men behind the band Tachyon may just be the most talented musicians in the pop/electronic/dance world. 

One of Tachyon’s members in particular is a musician who is proof positive that initial impressions can be deceiving. If you are a fan of America’s Got Talent, you undoubtedly remember Jonathan Arons, who seemed like he was a typical, stiff-armed trombone player, until he started dancing like this:

Arons is a graduate of the prestigious Oberlin College’s Conservatory of Music, and he’s more than just a talented dancer and trombone player. He has branched out by teaming up with James Cage, a Julliard-trained trumpet player, to create Tachyon, self-described as “a pop indie band that leaves fans with an emotionally stirring and sonically astounding experience.” Arons and Cage were members of the Chops Horns, and have toured with Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna, and Jon Bon Jovi, to name a few!


Tachyon’s EP, Teleportation, was just released on April 8th. It’s pop that’s actually written by solid musicians. It’s refreshing to see dance music created by classically trained musicians; there’s certainly something to be said for self-trained musicians, but it’s so nice to see musicians who have been trained by some incredible universities making accessible music. Teleportation is, for the most part, a great EP full of music you can’t help but dance to; fans of Daft Punk and Passion Pit will immediately embrace it. Songs like “Circles” were made for the dance-floor: the beats are infectious from the first note —super fun music, perfect for a club. My favorite is “Why Did I Leave You?” which is less dance and more electronic pop, but still fits nicely on the EP. “Made Dreams” is the only song that I didn’t enjoy— Arons’ super-high falsetto was too grating for me, but other people will not mind it at all. “Made Dreams” had some notes that reminded me of the band fun. so if you are a fan of Nate Ruess, you’ll dig it.

It’s definitely a strong showing from clearly talented musicians in their first venture together. I’d give it a hearty 3.5 stars. Keep your eyes on these boys, because I know they’ll get big when they get more exposure! Check out Teleportation on Tachyon’s Bandcamp page. You can stream their single “Circles” below.

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