The CW is Preparing Two More Shows Set in the Arrow-Flash-verse

CW’s DC Comics shows must be doing really well, because in addition to renewing Arrow and The Flash for new seasons, they’re also considering two new series set in the same universe.

Two you say?

Yes, one live-action and one.. *gasp* animated.

What’s the live-action one?

The CW and DC are in early discussions to give The Atom his own show. During a recent Television Critics Association press tour, Arrow executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg stated that the network was discussing a “general concept” for the series.

Who’s The Atom?

In the comics, The Atom, aka Ray Palmer, is a superhero who can shrink down to a subatomic level, while still remaining as strong as a normal-sized human.

Palmer (sans superpowers) played a big role in Arrow‘s third season, with the show not-so-subtly hinting at him developing technology in line with his comic book powers. While that seemed to imply that he’d be returning for more seasons of Arrow, it seems that The CW is considering something along the lines of The Flash, with the character getting an intro on Arrow before getting his own distinct series.

Okay, so what about the animated one?

The CW is also working on an animated series starring Vixen, an occasional Justice League member with a magic totem that lets her use the powers of various animals.

Unlike the proposed Atom series, this one has been officially confirmed. Also unlike that series, Vixen isn’t aiming for television. Instead, it will premiere on The CW’s digital platform, CW Seed.

How is this going to fit into the Arrow/Flash-verse?

I’m not sure, but the promo art clearly shows her hanging out With Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, so we can hopefully expect some Arrow-Flash-Vixen animated shenanigans.


When is it coming out?

There’s no firm release date yet, but the word is sometime in the fall.

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