The Last Man on Earth Theories: Who Is the Other Phil Miller?

Can I just start this off by saying, why the hell is this show called The Last Man on Earth? Clearly, Phil Miller is not the last man alive, hell he’s not even the last man with his name as we learned from this week’s episode.

[SPOILER:] This is a spoiler warning if you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode. Proceed at your own behest, people.

What Happened on Sunday?

The Last Man on Earth - Phil trapped on the billboard


To recap, Phil was about to get laid so he did exactly what you’d expect him to, change the message on the closest billboard to send any new survivors away.

As we all know, his “Alive in Tucson” messages are what brought everyone in the group together. Now that Phil is divorced, he doesn’t want any more dudes to show up and mess with his mojo — just like fricken’ Todd did.

After changing the billboard message to “Moved to Tampa” he got stuck up there, because the wind blew down his ladder. For the remainder of the episode, we see him trapped and exposed to the elements. I’m not entirely sure why he thought it was a good idea to use his pants as a canopy, but whatever it happened.

The episode closes out with Phil being rescued by yet another survivor. He takes Phil back to the group and reveals that his name is also Phil Miller. Wait… what?

Yep, there are now two Phil MIller’s running around in The Last Man on Earth.

Are There More Survivors?

The Last Man on Earth - Phil saved by Phil

Since the show started out with Phil, before introducing Carol, Melissa, Todd, Erica, Gail and now Phil number two, it’s not unreasonable to assume there are more survivors out there. Seriously, The Last Man on Earth turned into The Last Three Men and Last Four Women on Earth.

I admit the show would have been silly if it was just Phil running around for an entire season by himself, but he’s no longer the last dude — that kind of ruins the whole thing. It probably would have been better to stick with Phil and four women. I’m pretty sure it would have been just as funny watching Phil make an ass out of himself with that setup too.

It begs the question, are there any more survivors out there? How many more people will stumble upon Phil’s little community before the season ends? I’m willing to bet there are still more coming.

Phil Miller Is Now Tandy

The Last Man on Earth - Phil and Phil playing Jenga

Phil and Phil played a heated game of Jenga to decide who gets to use the name Phil; the loser has to go by a new moniker. After a bit of trash talk, our beloved — original — Phil lost the game and is now known as Tandy. The good news is that no one has usurped Tandy’s post as President, yet. So, he still has that going for him.

We have to shift from hating fricken’ Todd to hating fricken’ Phil. As Tandy so rightfully claimed at the end of the episode, “What is happening here?”

At least we’ve been promised a shirtless romp for next week.

Last Man Writers Tweet - Apr 19, 2015

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