The Next Far Cry Game Is Headed to the Ice Age

Ubisoft currently has a livestream going… that’s literally just a mostly still image of a cave painting. Luckily, multiple sources have confirmed that it’s teasing a new Far Cry game.

Is it Far Cry 5?

Sort of! Both IGN and Kotaku are reporting that the game is called Far Cry Primal, and will be set during the Ice Age. That means prehistoric animals like woolly mammoths, and more than likely, a ton of bow and arrow action.

Considering that, it’s likely not going to be a full numbered sequel, and will probably be more in line with Blood Dragon. 

What else do we know?

Absolutely nothing else, but expect an official announcement from Ubisoft later today. We’ll update the front page once we know more. Until then, enjoy the livestream?

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