MangaGamer Reveals ‘Demon Master Chris’

MangaGamer has announced that they will be publishing Demon Master Chris, the first game from Nyaatrap, a European and Japanese development studio. The game is a dungeon crawler with h-game elements. You can try a demo here, or read on for more info.

Demon Master Chris is a 3D Dungeon RPG about Chris, a conjurer who’s gotten lost in the demon realm. Follow her as she fights demons, strips them down, and turns them into her companions while trying to avoid lesbian rape and escape the dungeons.

But the conjurer Chris doesn’t fight with her own power alone. She wears different outfits imbued with mana, changing the powers available to her, and she’s able to form contracts with the demons she encounters, allowing them to fight alongside her as minions.

The game system focuses on simplicity and speed, doing away with MP. Instead, your current balance—AP(Agile Point)—changes which actions you can take, allowing you enjoy battles rich with fast-paced strategy and variation.


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