There’s a New Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Short Out Today, and It Ties Right into Solo

The webseries Forces of Destiny has been doing a great job of filling in some cool little gaps in the Star Wars canon so far, and the latest is nicely timed to connect to the new anthology film.

The short features Qi’ra from Solo crossing paths with two familiar faces: Hondo Ohnaka (from Clone Wars and Rebels), and everyone’s favorite bounty hunter droid, IG-88.¬†Like all of them, it’s short and sweet, so don’t be expecting any huge revelations, but more of any of these three characters is always a treat.

It is worth noting though that Solo takes place quite a few years before Rebels, so it’s kind of fun to see Hondo of all people connecting three eras of the Star Wars saga. And if you’ve seen¬†Solo, L3-37 has some interesting notions that should feel pretty familiar to any IG-88 fans.

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