This Force Awakens Stormtrooper Figure Might Be Our First Star Wars Comic-Con Exclusive

Remember that Black Series Force Awakens stormtrooper that was on ebay a while back? Well, it looks like you’ll get your own chance to get it soon enough… if you’re going to Comic Con this summer.

Thanks to Jedi Insider, we have our first look at the packaging and model for the Black series stormtrooper figure and its accessories: a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol.

Well, don’t leave me hanging. What does it look like?

Here you go.


Oh, snazzy.

Indeed. The little guy looks like he’s ready to burn down villages, shoot members of the Resistance, and generally be a fascist pawn with terrible aim.

Are there any differences between this one and the one on Ebay?

The figure is pretty on point, as they’re both based on the same design. However, the blaster accessories are more in line with those in the film. In fact, we can bring up images from the trailer to prove it:

TFA Blaster

So, this is coming out at Comic-Con?

That is conjecture, as the merchandising blitz for The Force Awakens isn’t set to start until September 4th… after that you won’t be able to run away from it. But to have a toy leaking this early is leading many to speculate that it will be a special early release. Seeing as how the next big geek culture extravaganza (outside of E3) will be San Diego Comic-Con, it’s not a bad guess.

If the figure is an exclusive release, better get one and let it sit for a while. Once it’s appreciated in value… well, you’ll have some options open to you.

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