Try These Decks to Beat Hearthstone’s Frostwyrm Lair on Heroic

The final wing of Naxxramas, Hearthstone‘s first singleplayer “adventure,” arrived last night. As before, the most challenging portion of the new wing, the Frostwyrm Lair, is Heroic mode, which pits you against beefed up versions of the final two bosses. If you’re having trouble getting through Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad, here are the two decks I used.

It bears noting that Heroic mode is always a coin toss, and even with a finely tuned deck, it’s still very likely that you’ll lose quite a few games before getting the right combination of cards to beat it. I was able to finish the final wing of Nax with these two decks, but your results may vary.


As in normal mode, Sapphiron’s hero ability is to destroy all of your non-frozen minions. Unfourtunately, you don’t have that perma-frozen minion to protect your dudes, so he’ll basically board wipe you for free at the start of every round.

This Hunter deck powered me through it though after a few tries. The goal is to inflict as much damage as possible with your hero power and Eaglehorn Bow. Most of the other cards in the deck are there to help you manage your opponent’s side of the board. Try to get the most value possible out of your removal, save Unleash the Hounds for a good combo turn, and keep your Bow powered up whenever possible. Sapphiron is a super tough boss, so don’t get too frustrated if you can’t get it at first.



Kel’Thuzad begins the game with 20 armor and 45 HP. He has two hero powers. The first is active when he still has armor. It freezes your hero, deals 3 damage to you, and will auto-cast for free. Once you break through his armor, his hero power changes to an 8 mana ability that permanently takes control of one of your minions.

I used a Warlock Zoo deck to beat this boss. The goal in the early game is to break his armor as quickly as possible, to avoid taking too much damage. Play Zoo as you normally would, unload your hand, swing for the face, and make good trades when possible. Be careful when you break his armor, as he will end your turn immediately, so make sure you have finished playing cards before you start swinging.

Once his armor is gone, you’re going to want to keep your field as full as possible to help your RNG. He will often use his hero power rather than play cards from his hand, so you want to try and protect your strong minions from getting stolen by having a lot of weaker ones on the board. Kel does run Twisting Nether, but you’re Zoo, so your card draw should let you recover quickly (as long as he did not do too much damage to you already).


Good luck! If these are your last two Heroic bosses, you’ll get a card back upon beating them!

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