Ty Olsson Gets Too Cute and Cuddly at Vegas Supernatural Convention

Ty Olsson’s panel on Friday began innocently enough, but when Richard Speight Jr. handed him a shot of Jack Daniels onstage, it all went downhill from there.

This past weekend at the Supernatural Convention hosted by Creation Entertainment in Las Vegas, Olsson, who played “cuddly” vampire Benny in the hit CW show Supernatural, got a little too cuddly; between uncomfortably intimate embraces during scheduled photo ops and several full-mouth kisses with fans during his panel, he has certainly alienated some long-time fans.


Other reactions ranged from the amused to the elated, as attendees live-tweeted the proceedings. During the course of the forty or so minutes he was given to do Q and A and entertain the audience, he spent 95% of the time talking about drinking, asking for drinks from his handler and audience members, or physically drinking.

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For example, at one point he actually agreed to have the assistant get him a non-alcoholic energy drink, only to loudly berate her when she came back without vodka. She handled the awkward situation as well as possible, getting cheering affirmation from the audience that she indeed got what he asked for, and sashaying off the stage.

Some of the blame could be shed on Dick Speight for pushing Ty to down not one, but two shots before beginning his panel. It was very “high school peer pressure”, especially given some of Olsson’s immature behavior at previous conventions. Olsson made several jokes that he’d get “fired”, prompting tumblr to go ablaze with rumors about Saturday morning’s panel featuring Olsson getting canceled.  Sure enough, Olsson’s panel was no more and Richard Speight, Jr. took the stage.

What’s in store for Olsson?  Only Ty will tell.

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