Want One of Those Sweet Tomorrowland Pins? Just See the Movie at a Regal

If you’re looking to snag one of those Tomorrowland pins from the trailers, you can get one absolutely free just by seeing the movie at the right theater.

Which theaters are giving out the pin?

Regal theaters will beĀ giving away Tomorrowland pins beginning on Friday, May 22 (so not at the midnight showings) to anyone who purchases a ticket to the movie, while supplies last of course.

tomorrowland pin

The only catch is that you haveĀ to be a Regal Crown Club member (which is also free), and you need to have your card on you. If you manage to snag one, take a photo with it and post it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook while tagging @regalcinemas for a shot at a $500 Regal gift card.

Will they be authentic Disney Pin Trading pins?

That I can’t say for sure. The announcement just states that it is a “Limited Edition” Tomorrowland pin. That being said, the announcement also mentions trading pins as a “longstanding Disney tradition,” so that might indicate that these are actual Disney pins.

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