We’re Getting an Official LEGO Doctor Who Set

The Doctor is in (LEGO form that is)! After months of speculation, LEGO has officially announced that a Doctor Who set is incoming, courtesy of the company’s LEGO Ideas program.

What’s LEGO Ideas?

LEGO’s Ideas is a program that allows anyone to submit their concepts for consideration as official LEGO sets. Once submitted, an idea must get 10,000 votes before the LEGO review board will take a closer look at it as a potential release.

A Firaxis Games designer by the name of Andy Clark (thanks Andy!) submitted the idea for this one, and actually went as far as to build the proposed set.

What does the Doctor Who set include?

Changes will certainly be made to the original idea before it’s released as an official product, but Clark’s proposed set includes a TARDIS (of course), that actually unfolds to become the TARDIS interior, complete with the control console. Check out how that works here:

He also proposed to include either David Tennant’s Doctor and Rose, or Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara as minifigs. Clark also designed additional figures based on the 4th Doctor, a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, a Cyberman, and even K9.

What does it look like?

Really cool! You can check out a few photos of the set below, as well as read the designer’s notes here.


 Console_01_T original_T  minifigsdoctorwho

What else was approved?

The other project that was approved was a WALL-E set inspired by the Pixar movie (and designed by an actual Pixar animator).

You can watch the full announcement video below:

When will these be coming out? How much will they cost?

LEGO hasn’t decided on a release date or pricing for either of these sets yet, but more details should be incoming in the next few months.

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