What If True Detective Was Set In The Star Wars Universe?

“The Force Is A Flat Circle.”

True Detective and Star Wars actually have a few things in common. First and foremost, their original iterations are both revered and held as paragons of their respective genres. Second, their follow ups are seen as disappointments filled with overcomplicated plots and under developed characters.

In honor of the True Detective season 2 finale that aired on Sunday, A youtube channel called Star Wars Minute has made a Star Wars version of the True Detective opening credits. Check it out:

Is this based on the season 1 credits or season 2?

Season 1. Everyone seems to like those credits better anyway.

Could we get another opening based on the prequels and the season 2 credits?

We don’t see why not if this video is popular enough.

What else could they do?

I suppose when season 3 of True Detective comes out you could do a version of that for Clone Wars. Season 4 could be Star Wars Rebels. After that, well, we’ll have to wait for the new films to come out or a new show to start up. Luckily, it seems Netflix may have us covered¬†on that front sooner rather than later. If that’s the case… maybe we’ll get an actual Star Was True Detective show.

What is Star Wars Minute?

They seem to be a website that updates with a video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They do videos about any subject in the Star Wars universe. There are videos about concepts (The Rule of Two), characters (General Grevious), or Ships (Imperial Raider-Class Corvette).

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