Why you need to watch The 100

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When you think of riveting television you are more inclined to turn on cable channels rather than broadcast ones. With shows like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones topping out ratings it seems that broadcast doesn’t stand a chance. While I was at the Wizard World convention here in Sacramento they had a sneak peek at a show called The 100. As luck would have it I missed the panel and wondered what the show would be like.

I would find out in a few short weeks and after the first episode ended I knew I was hooked.


The 100 takes place ninety seven years after a nuclear war has ravaged earth. Most of the people had fled to space in various space stations that were assembled into a giant station called the Ark. Four thousand people live on this station as supplies and even oxygen are starting to run out. Major crimes are punishable by death unless you are under the age of eighteen where these kids are put in a prison. Now 100 of these prisoners are herded into a drop ship and sent to earth where the inhabitants of the ark wait and watch to see if their home is still inhabitable.


This is all happened in the first episode and things progress from there as action takes place not just on earth but the Ark as well. The 100 find out that they are not alone and there are hazards on this new earth that they need to survive. They also must learn to survive each other or perish at the hands of this harsh new realm.


If you are a fan of space opera or post-apocalyptic television the 100 is a show that you need to watch. It has everything that you need with a great cast and excellent story line. It is currently on the CW so you will need to check your local listings. For more information and to watch even full episodes check out http://www.cwtv.com/shows/the-100/ and get ready to go to the ground.

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