Win A Trip To E3 With Sony To Try Out Project Morpheus

Heads up, Playstation fans! Sony is currently running a competition and the winner gets to attend E3 as a special guest of Sony to try out their take on virtual reality gaming titled Project Morpheus. 

What is Project Morpheus?

In essence, Project Morpheus is Sony’s answer to the much anticipated Oculus Rift VR headset. Virtual reality gaming is definitely surging forward, the technology is developing rapidly and it’s hard to argue with the idea that VR could easily change the status quo of gaming moving forward.

What do I have to do to win?

Pretty simple. Just go here, fill out the contact form with your email address and answer a few questions (and one tiebreaker question) about Playstation and submit.

What’s the significance of the contest?

The interesting thing here is that Sony is really focused on getting Project Morpheus off the ground, so much so that they’re willing to bring someone to E3 with them to try the machine personally. It’s not the kind of thing Sony would do for just any project.

Does this mean Sony hopes to steal some of the Oculus Rift’s thunder?

Absolutely! That’s just the nature of competition. Also, it shows the level of interest Sony has in the VR market. There’s so much stuff to see at E3 already and Sony had a remarkably successful presentation last year. It’d be very easy for them to just continue doing what they were doing in 2014, but that’s never really been the Playstation MO, as Sony puts a lot of pride into innovation and breaking new ground.

If nothing else, it just means that the OR isn’t going to be the only virtual reality player in the market and that’s a good thing. If Sony can capitalize on the momentum of the VR movement, and (dare I say it?) even improve on the formula that’s already bringing the Oculus such great feedback, we could be in for an incredibly exciting E3 in 2015.

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