Zombie Amiibo is Horrifying, I Want One

Nintendo is probably buying up warehouses right now to store all of the money it’s making on amiibo figures. They’re so in demand that  limited edition Mario’s are being flipped on eBay for hundreds of dollars, weeks before they’re even released.

If there’s that much hype behind these little toys already, I can only imagine what would happen if this Redditor’s fan-creation ever became official. A user going by darkdreamr modded this Princess Peach amiibo to make a little less… family friendly. He calls it “zomiibos.”


Amazing. The back of the figure got some work done as well. “In the back of her head there’s an exposed brain hole and a nice stream of blood soaking the back,” darkdreamr added.


I think I can speak for all of us when I say… I really, really hope this catches on! Let’s see more zomiibos!


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