Gold Mario Amiibo is Already Sold Out, Going for $200 on Ebay

Nintendo, when will you learn?!

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that a Gold Edition Super Mario amiibo would be sold exclusively at Walmart next month. Shortly after, the figure appeared on Walmart’s website for pre-ordering. In an unsurprising turn of events (to everyone except Nintendo apparently), the figure sold out in under 15 minutes.

And because Ebay is Ebay, people are already flipping theĀ $12.96 figures (which to be clear, they don’t even have in their possession yet) for insane amounts of money. One seller has listed his for a cool $199. That seems reasonable.

super mario amiibo ebay

This turn of events shouldn’t be too shocking considering Nintendo’s history with artificial amiibo scarcity, but seriously, don’t pay $200 for this Mario.

To be clear, the figure is sold out on Walmart’s website, but we have no idea what portion of their stock was available online. In all likelihood, there will probably be plenty more available in-store when the figures arrive on March 20. It will no doubt sell out ridiculously fast, but not nearly quick enough for you to be shelling out over 20 times the toy’s value.

UPDATE: Apparently several figures have already been sold on Ebay to the tune of $100+. People be crazy.

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