Half-Life 3 Confirmed: Anonymous Coded Leak Spills The Details

Huge potential news for fans of Valve’s infamously delayed Half-Life 2 sequel. According to a source, who leaked the news on Pastebin to presumably maintain their anonymity, the game is not only in development, it’s actually got an estimated release date!

In keeping with Valve’s longstanding tradition of outright denying the existence of Half-Life 3, and presumably to further cover their tracks, the original leak was posted entirely in the Al Bhed dialect from Final Fantasy X to make it harder to read.

In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the original post, I obtained permission straight from the source, who contacted me via email shortly after I began snooping, and have re-published the original leak, still written cryptically in Al Bhed, here on Overmental.

Last, but not least, fans who wish to see an English translation of the message may click here.

Rybbo Ybnem 1cd, muoym vyhc! E’s dygehk y pek necg po fnedehk drec saccyka pid ed zicd tuach’d caas nekrd vun sa du gaab drec hafc du socamv, cu oui’mm ihtancdyht ev E lujan so dnylgc po gaabehk drec saccyka uh dra tufh-muf po bucdehk ed eh y lutat myhkiyka. 

Cu, Rymv-Meva 3. Ed TUAC aqecd! E ghuf vyhc ryja paah fyedehk du rayn luhvensydeuh uv dryd vun oaync, pid ed tuac! Ed’c linnahdmo eh tajamubsahd yht Jymja ryc bmyhc du namayca ed ynuiht Lrnecdsyc desa haqd oayn eh lummypunydeuh fedr Cuho, Selnucuvd, Hehdahtu, Mehiq, Syl, Ryhtramtc, supema tajelac, eTajelac yht ajah Csynd Fydlrac.

Oac, dryd’c nekrd, YMM uv dra drehkc E zicd mecdat yna kuehk du pa kaddehk ubdesewat bundc uv dra kysa! Kypa rescamv fyhdc du syga yh yhhuihlasahd ypuid dra kysa, pid ec bmyhhehk uh fyedehk ihdem dra 30dr uv Vapniyno du tu ed. 

E ghuf ruf muhk ymm uv oui ryja paah fyedehk vun dra kysa yht ed’c ypuid desa oui raynt dryd ed’c lusehk du oui yvdan ymm draca oaync uv fyedehk! 

Drana yna bnamesehyno bmyhc du namayca ed eh dyhtas fedr Tiga Higas 3T 2 yht Syneu jc Cuhel: Imdesyda Ryegi eh untan du tneja rusa dra lnucc-bmydvuns avvund ed’c dygah du kad drec drehk uvv dra knuiht. 

Dryhg oui ykyeh vun ouin luhdehiat cibbund, ouin ujanframsehk bydeahla yht cdyo dihat vun suna hafc ypuid y budahdeym caxiam du Cibansyh 64!


Happy April 1st!


  1. Okay so Nintendo doesn’t make any sense at all. Actually, valve collaborating with any of the console brands is hard to believe in itself. They’ve worked with PlayStation, and Microsoft before, but the steam machine is made for a reason. Literally a console made to compete with the other systems. They made the steam machine to cash in with the console fan boys that can’t play PC games. Common, they went to GDC for a reason, to attract developers to make games for their system. It makes more sense if Valve were to release Half Life 3 exclusive to PC and Steam Machine.

    The reason why Half Life 3 was delayed were due to technology, and money.

    Valve wants half life 3 to last, they don’t want to make a generic good game. Where after a good game is releases, 2 or 3 years later the game is obsolete. Look at half life 2, a physics based game and the Half Life 2 episodes, AI based. The gravity gun, and the Alex doing awesome shit. Half Life 3 is trying to find a way to get a tech boner again. They want Half Life 3 to last, and the ps4, xbone, or nintedo, can’t deliver that, ESPECIALLY A GOD DAMN PHONE. Valve wouldn’t risk a half life 3 on a phone or console. Valve has the perfect set up, SteamOS, the Steam Machne, Source 2 engine, I think the only thing they’re waiting for is VR headsets. So why even bother with consoles. Money? nah, half life 3 has to be a passion project for them.

    On to money, VALVE ISN’T A DEVELOPER ANYMORE, THEY’RE A SERVICE AND MONEY MAKERS. Team Fortress 2 with its hats, Counter Strike with its skins, Steam with its service and Dota 2… with dota stuff. Look Dota 2, TF2, and Counter Strike has given them so much cash, and put in Steam with that, that’s a lot of dough. Valve might have a lot of love for half life, but you have to remember that they are a business and they got to make money one way or another. If you’re thinking “half life 3 is gonna make them a lot of money doe” well dota, tf2, counter strike, and steam is making them a lot more. They’re taking their time with Half life 3, not for money, but for love. But sometimes money gets in the way of love… because valve is greedy… and they want money to flow first.

    I know I said I have two points, money and tech, but there’s a third one I just thought of. Half life 3, Left for Dead 3, Portal 3, and TF3. All these games might just be reserved for the steam machine. half life and portal takes care with single player, left for dead with co-op, and Team Fortress with PvP. It makes a lot of sense. BUT it’s just my opinion

  2. lol @ gabe wants to make announcement himself but is waiting till 30th of feb.. a date that does not exist

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