There are a Ton of Superman References in Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady has been adamant since day one that Batman: Arkham Knight will be their final Batman game, which really begs the question, what’s next for them? Could it be… Superman?

That’s not just idle speculation, Arkham Knight is just lousy with Superman-related easter eggs.

The biggest (literally) and most obvious one has got to be the LexCorp tower. LexCorp of course is owned by Lex Luthor, Superman’s archenemy.

arkham knight lexcorp tower

That’s not the only Lex reference in the game though, here is a billboard discovered by Arekkz Gaming.

arkham knight lexcorp billboard

And Lex himself gets a voice cameo, leaving a message on Bruce Wayne’s private line (via CabooseXBL).

arkham knight lex luthor message

As far as the Man of Steel himself goes, he obviously doesn’t appear in the flesh, but he is referenced numerous times.

Like this Thug’s off-handed mention:

arkham knight freak from metropolis

Or this guy, who doesn’t think Batman is very scary.

arkham knight superman reference

Finally, here’s a direct reference to Metropolis itself (the “Fly To Metropolis” slogan itself is particularly tantalizing).

arkham knight metropolis

And those are just the ones fans have found so far.

So what do you think? Could Rocksteady be heading “to Metropolis” next?


  1. The ‘FLY to Metropolis’ photo is a small one, there’s a larger electronic billboard in game of the same image with a red streak (superman?) cutting across the top, the two people on the bottom are clearly staring at ‘the blur’ and not the Daily Planet building.

  2. They can make it so Superman somehow lost his powers and is slowly getting them back one at a time. It would make sense and would allow them to keep the current engine for the most part. Im sure they can figure something out. Superman has a horrible video game history but I think Rocksteady can do him justice!

  3. I am a much larger fan of the Batman universe, and I love all the Arkham games, and am thoroughly sad that they are over. With that being said though, bring on Superman! But…do it right. Arkham Asylum didn’t have a lot of people excited as it approached, but then it blew us all away. If Rocksteady delivered it right (and I trust that they can) I would welcome the idea of a Superman series in a heartbeat. I see it being far more difficult though. What would he fight? He would break thugs in half. Zod could be another dark twisted character with a great Rocksteady touch up, as well as others like Cyborg Superman, Doomsday, Atomic Skull, Black Adam, or even Nuclear Man (no I’m not kidding, Rocksteady can make it happen) And Lex Luthor could be as hilarious as Joker. A Krypton back story could also be amazing, flying if done right could be exhilarating. Just please…do not do what the recent Spider Man games did by having it fall into repetition and focusing on turrets and robots. Find a creative enemy for him that makes sense. Breaking thugs bones as Batman never got old, but with Superman it would take something more creative. Rocksteady’s walk between original story telling and comic book research was perfect for Arkham. Do the same for Superman. If this could happen, I would count the hours until it’s release.

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