7 Can’t Miss Sci-Fi Films of the Decade

  1. Avatar (2009)


Many criticized James Cameron’s simplistic story and heavy-handed message, but you can’t argue with the fact that he’s created the most breathtaking and believable 3D world to date. The world of Pandora feels so real that it’s hard to imagine that almost every single element in each shot is completely CGI. And the figures don’t lie, $2.7 billion dollars at the box office show that Cameron’s still doing what he does best: telling a story that people want to experience over and over again.

  1. WALL-E (2008)


It might not be the most “mature title” on the list, but it sure as hell is one of the most fun. Pixar’s charming love story between two robots shows just how far you can get without dialogue, and the first half of that movie is perhaps one of the most memorable relationships in film history.

  1. Inception (2010)


Christopher Nolan is a geek icon, and for very good reasons. On top of his Batman trilogy, Nolan also crafted one of the most expertly paced and original action films of all time. His sci-fi elements might be a little prone to nitpicking, but you have to admit that the concept is pretty mindblowing. Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio as an corporate espionage agent who gathers his info by literally invading people’s dreams. That alone is a pretty cool setup, but the film really gets going as DiCaprio and his team find themselves in multiple layers of “dreamstates,” with the editor cutting along multiple timelines of action.

Nolan is now considered one of the most visionary directors of this generation, and with a film like Inception under his belt, it’s not hard to see why.

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