9 Horribly Inappropriate Video Game Easter Eggs

Video game Easter eggs are meant to be fun little distractions… except when they’re not. From nudity, to graphic violence, and adult humor, here are 9 examples of games that went a little bit too far with their hidden content.

Mildly NSFW imagery below!

1. Rings of Power has a cheat code for boobs.

Rings of Power was an utterly forgettable Sega Genesis game that’s really only notable for one reason… pixelated boobs.

When booting up the game, the developer’s logo appears, accompanied by a (fully-clothed) woman. If you happen to have a controller plugged into port two, and hold down and right on the d-pad, and the A, B, C, and start buttons at the same time… Rings of Power gets a heck of a lot less kid-friendly.

That’s a pretty juvenile and pointless Easter egg, so surely it came from some no-name studio that’s since disappeared off of the face of the earth, right?


Uncensored here if you really must see pixel boobs today.

2. Freddi Fish fantasizes about her friend’s death.

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds is about as innocent as a kid’s adventure game can possibly be. It’s about a little fish who goes out to solve a mystery for her grandma, winning over underwater criminals with the power of friendship and love.

Oh and her best friend gets eaten by an eel, to the tune of crunching noises and blood. Wait, what?


In one of the game’s puzzles, you have to get past a hungry eel. Normally you’d feed him a sandwich; but in a deleted scene that for whatever reason was left on the disc, you can offer up your friend as a sacrifice instead. The eel immediately gobbles up your little fish buddy, complete with a mouthful of red gore.


Freddi then flashes the camera (aka you, the player) a knowing wink, before the game reveals that it was all in Freddi’s head. That really doesn’t make it any better considering we’ve just discovered that Freddi is a straight-up sociopath though.

For obvious reasons this scene didn’t make the final cut of the game, but you can still access it by editing the game’s config files. The scene is even fully voice-acted in all of the game’s foreign language options, which means that the devs put plenty of work into it before realizing that graphic murder is probably not the best thing to put in a kid’s game.

3. Front Mission: Gun Hazard includes an actual message from neo-Nazis.

Front Mission: Gun Hazard is a 90s-era side-scrolling shooter published by Square Co., the company that would later become Square Enix. That decade wasn’t exactly known for its commitment to quality control, but surely a game from a major publisher wouldn’t include, oh I don’t know, an actual phone message from a Nazi?

Because apparently hiring someone who speaks English to look over the English dialogue you included is too hard, the developers of Gun Hazard accidentally overlaid a profanity-riddled voice clip over a bonus scene that plays after the end of the game.


It’s not just a random bit of gibberish though, the developers somehow managed to include a clip from a recorded phone call by a member of Combat 18, a British neo-Nazi group.

That sounds bad, but surely the clip isn’t so terrible if you don’t know the backstory behind it, right?

“We’re gonna burn your building down, you fuckheads. C18’s watching you, you communist, n*gger-loving

Oh. Yeah OK, that’s pretty bad.

4. There’s a naked lady in Kirby’s Dream Land 2.

It’s a fact of life that sometimes game developers get bored. And when they do, things end up in games that have no business at all being there.

That would be my guess as to how a level modeled after a naked woman found its way into Kirby’s Dream Land 2. Given how innocent the Kirby games have always been, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t believe me, but check out secret level 5-5 for yourself.

First we have the face, that’s innocuous enough.


But then right below it are these two… round shapes, then another block that could be a belly button.



If the level designer had stopped here, I don’t think anyone would’ve been the wiser. But nope, he had to take it one step farther and…


God dammit, real mature man. Well, at least she’s happy about it.


5. Ben Franklin won’t stop talking about sexing older ladies.

There’s a section in Assassin’s Creed III where you can explore Boston for a while as Haytham Kenway. You can even find Ben Franklin’s print shop, and have a conversation with the Founding Father himself.

So what does this historical icon have to say? Some wise words on politics? Science? Good ol’ American values?

How about five whole minutes on why you should be getting nasty with cougars.

6. Do a flip for bigger boobs in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

In Ratchet & Clank 2 you have the opportunity to participate in a hoverboard race, hosted by this alien woman.


If for whatever reason you saw this woman and thought, I’m going to perform side-flips in front of her for the next five minutes, then you’re in for a surprise. For whatever reason, flipping back and forth in front of this character inexplicably causes her breasts to swell to some pretty ludicrous proportions.

Here’s her after just a minute or so of flipping about.

Kill meee…..

Why? No one really knows, although it’s worth noting that in the HD remake of the game, this Easter egg is still fully accounted for. Someone at Insomniac Games apparently really likes flipping and women with back problems.

7. There’s an episode of South Park… in Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’99.

What’s one thing that every golfing game needs? If you answered, the full pilot episode of South Park, you’re weird, but you have at least one person who agrees with you.


Back in the era of CD games, developers would often fill up empty space on the disk with blank dummy files. A developer at EA apparently got that task assigned to him, decided that was way too boring for an extreme title like PGA Tour, and decided to fill up the game’s empty disk space with the South Park pilot “Jesus vs. Santa” instead.


Dumping an episode of a show that drops four f-bombs in the first 45 seconds into a family-friendly video game sounds like a terrible idea, but surely that content is securely locked away, encrypted and inaccessible to the average user, right? Well unfortunately this is 1998, a much simpler time when you could check out everything on a PlayStation CD by simply popping that sucker into your computer.

Given that fact, it took approximately .00001 seconds for fans to find the “hidden” episode. Needless to say, the… mature nature of the show didn’t exactly vibe too well with the tone EA was going for with PGA Tour, and the company was forced to recall over 100,000 copies of the game.

8. Banjo-Tooie just can’t get enough phallic humor.

Despite having an E-rating, Banjo Kazooie managed to sneak in more than a few bits of adult humor. For the sequel though, Rare apparently thought, screw the subtlety, we should let the kids laugh at dick jokes too.

Like exploring this… interestingly shaped level.


Or dropping in for “Grab-a-sailor night.”


Or having a glass of “Seaman’s brew.”


Wow this game is seriously rated E for Everyone?


9. Mega Man Legends 2 gets a little incestuous.

After completing a certain section in Mega Man Legends 2, a female character named Roll tells you she’s going to go take a shower. Your average player probably let that be the end of it, and carried on with the game.

If you want though, you can follow her into the bathroom, prompting her to scream, “Eek! What do you think you’re doing!?” You don’t actually see anything (the screen cuts to black), but right after, Mega Man gives a little fist pump, accompanied by some triumphant music.


So Mega Man’s a bit of a perv, what’s the big deal? Not much, aside from the fact that Roll is a 14 year old girl… and Mega Man’s sister. Gross.

This was the last game in the Mega Man Legends series, and if this wasn’t the reason why, it should’ve been.

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