Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Everything We Know About Finn [Updated]

He’s a stormtrooper with a lightsaber. There’s definitely a story behind that.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t very far away, but despite the fact we’re close to seeing it in theaters there’s very little we know about the major characters in the film. Sure, old favorites from the previous installments are coming back but the new trilogy is definitely setting up a new “big three” of Poe, Finn, and Rey. Those three newcomers all seem to have very interesting set ups… but how will the film be handling them? And how will they fit into the greater story being told of the new trilogy?

Well, when it comes to Finn we’ve created this handy dandy guide to keep you up to date with the character. We already have ones for Rey and Kylo Ren, so check them out if you’re curious to be up to date on all the characters.

[UPDATED 12/8/15] We’ve put information about Finn’s backstory in the “What’s his deal?” section.

Who’s playing him?

John Boyega (Attack The Block).

What’s his deal?


From what we understand, Finn was born and raised as a stormtrooper for the First Order. One day, it seems he escapes their grasp and crash lands on Jakku, where he meets Rey and eventually joins forces with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

[UPDATED 12/8/15] As for his actual backstory, it seems we’re not really getting it this time around according to John Boyega:

“I just remember during my time screen-testing, I was like, to Daisy [Ridley], ‘there’s no way that our stories are so simple,’ and we still don’t know! So I’ve still got some conspiracy theories as a fan as to where Finn comes from and I’m still trying to figure that out, but I like that it’s a mystery.”

How’d he stop being a stormtrooper?


We honestly don’t know that one for sure, but we’re guessing his conscience caught up with him while torching some kind of village with Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. We’re also guessing he helps out a captured Poe Dameron, as Finn is wearing is jacket during the Jakku section of the film.

Does he have a last name?

Not that we know of. Rumor has it Finn is actually a nick name based on his stormtrooper serial number.

Why does he have Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber?

finn saber

That’s a real mystery. We have a few theories, but we’re guessing he obtains it while helping Poe Dameron escape from the First Order, as he definitely seems to have it on Jakku.

Could it be because he’s a Jedi?

No. In the same card leak that showed Rey was Force sensitive, it also said Finn was not. While the idea of a stormtrooper suddenly realizing he can use the Force is very interesting… there’s something to be said for having a character who’s a regular Joe in the midst of very extenuating circumstances.

How does he know Rey?

Finn and Rey 2

Presumably, he meets her for the first time on Jakku. We also have a feeling he’s looking for BB-8 per Poe’s instructions, who is already in Rey’s possession.

Could he be Lando Calrissian’s son? 

We highly, highly doubt it.

What role will he have in the film?

Finn and rey

We suspect Finn is very much going to be the audience surrogate in the film: the every man who’s just trying to get by while his universe is expanding and growing more dangerous. Obviously, he starts out with the bad guys but his character arc will have him embracing a sense of heroics… which will culminate in him raising a lightsaber against Kylo Ren.

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