All of Avengers: Age of Ultron’s Product Placements

It’s an open secret in Hollywood that most big budget movies are partially funded by product placements these days.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, and can actually work to ground a movie in the “real world.” Still, out of context it’s pretty funny to see which companies are desperately competingĀ to shoehorn their products into the latest blockbuster film.

Here are all the shameless tie-ins we could find inĀ Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Bruce Banner listens to his relaxing music on Beats headphones. One would assume those would just make him more angry though.

beats headphones

Black Widow uses a Samsung tablet to look at the specs on Loki’s scepter (Samsung also got to debut an entire trailer on their YouTube channel).

samsung tablet age of ultron

A Samsung store also makes a brief, brief appearance.

samsung store age of ultron

Gillette gets some screentime during the farmhouse segment, with a can of Gillette shaving cream and a Gillette Fusion razor in the bathroom. Bruce Banner even uses the Fusion to shave.

gillette age of ultron

Black Widow’s new ride is an electric LiveWire motorcycle courtesy of Harley-Davidson.

cap vs ultron avengers

Iron Man, Captain America, Quicksilver, and Black Widow’s costumes all feature undershirts designed by Under Armour. Real-life versions are available to buy, of course.

under armor age of ultron

Quicksilver owns a lot of Adidas shoes.

quicksilver shoes

Iron Man still drives an Audi, and other Audi cars are featured throughout the film.

audi age of ultron

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