UPDATE: Another Look at that Joker Pic Reveals Harley Quinn Doing the Tattooing

That Joker pic really caused a stir with fans. In particular, many questioned the tattoos which are new to the crazed fiend. Then, there’s the grill which makes him look like some kind of high-profile rapper.

I’ll stop there, it seems silly to go over it all again.

Anyway, turns out that photo might have been a setup. DC Live Feed leaked an unreleased photo that shows Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn doing all the tattooing.

Where Is This Picture?

Joker being tattooed by harley quinn

There is always the possibility that the leaked photo is a fake. Take a closer look at Harley Quinn’s outfit though, it matches the leaked set photos we’ve seen.

In these photos you can see the same hairstyle and jacket as the one in the leaked photo.

It makes a lot of sense that David Ayer would release the first photo of the Joker to drum up a lot of hype for the movie, Suicide Squad, before unveiling the image with Harley Quinn doing the tattooing. The leaked image seems to say, “ha ha guys, got you.” If that’s the case Joker’s look might not be what we see in the movie, after all.

Do you believe the leaked photo is real?

Update: The photo is fan art created by YouTuber Glam & Gore. Apparently, she and her boyfriend created the image as a collaboration. Her Harley Quinn makeup tutorial is embed below.


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